At first I was like lol, but then I serioused.

For real!?

Like I don’t even know what to fucking say.

Oh Hi Racism!

Well, I’d like to light everything on fire today.

Fucking disgusting.

Not a hoax. This is a real ad. Multipass travel: see Asia like racists do!

What ass-backwards graphic designer thought this was an acceptable idea?!

I love how people in the comments are defending it like, “BUT IT’S NOT OFFENSIVE HERE IN UKRAINE!” Oh, well, I mean, in that case…. :|

I’m not surprised by this shit, but for the 101’ers out there, think about this:

1. Someone thought this was a good idea, that it would be an advertisment that would make money.

2. They had to pitch it to their team.  The ad agency had to approve it.  There were OTHER ideas, and this one won out.

3. They probably did some market testing, and figured out the best way to say, “Make chinky eyes” to fully get the message across

4. The client’s marketing agent/team had to say, “YES! THIS IS IT.  We’re willing to pay money for this!  People will LOVE IT.”

5. Some company had to print these out.  Some printer person had to sit down and do color corrections, make sure all the tests come out right.

6. Several people had to go put these up, on buses, on bus stops, etc.

Either no one said, “Hey, maybe this is a bad idea.” Or, the people who did, were ignored and silenced.

Every time some shit like this happens, realize it took a lot of people cosigning on the racism, and think about what that says about a community or society as a whole.

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    asia is a big motherfucking continent and stop generalizing us asians EXCUSE YOU
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    never come to my country. ever.
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    but why
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    wow, die in a fire, ad agency
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    I’m out. done. quit. Is this the world we’re living in? -.-
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    This is by a Ukrainian travel agency, and, let me tell you, Eastern Europeans can be horrifyingly racist. This year’s...