studies show that the solution to literally every single case of “i swear ive seen that actor before but i absolutely cannot think of where” is that they were on an episode of law & order 5 years ago

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painting unfertilized baby birds to look like birds is such a weird concept

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Rappers that look like pre-16th century art by 

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Fuck yes did this by myself with only 2 mirrors a pair of scissors and like…. 3 disposable razors who’s keeping track anyway
I’ll shave the rest it when the old razor burn is completely healed (why in the fuck did i do a dry shave)

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ok i checked out that hogweed post on wikip and it actually will do that to you but what i’m wondering

what possess someone to pause and go “this needs to be a tumblr psa, right now” and fully flesh out a post to benefit their fellow man

April 20 - 9:32